Hi! My name is Carey and I’m just an ordinary gal with many interests. I’m married to a wonderful man, Richard, who has been by my side through it's just methick and thin for nearly 34 years. Some of the things we enjoy doing together are vegetable gardening, wood working and projects around the house.

For nearly 30 years I was a professional craftswoman with a sewn line of country primitive kitchen accessories items and country style curtains. I loved every minute of doing juried shows, creating useful items for my customers and making connections with other artisans and craftsmen.  Although sewing is still a great passion I felt the need to change directions with many things especially my eating habits and my health. If any of you have done the art and craft show circuit you will understand the need for healthy changes. So with this change brings us here – The Healthy Milestone.

I have always enjoyed cooking and creating so on the next step of my journey I wanted to share my experiences and favorite recipes or techniques withBeets those who could benefit and enjoy the journey with me.  There are a few passions I have when it comes to baking, cooking and preparing a meal.  Just to name a few they are using fresh, clean produce and grass fed, organic eggs and meats.  During the summer months I spend the bulk of my grocery budget at my local farmer’s markets. The produce is so fresh you can still smell the earth.  We do have a small garden but some things we don’t plant because they are favorites of the deer, raccoons and rabbits.

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And we can’t forget those favored kitchen tools and or appliances. The three top ones are are my Vitamix, Tri-Blade Vegetable Spiral Slicer and thetroodle veggie slicer Instant Pot.  They are all a vital part of my Trim Healthy Mama journey.

We rarely eat pasta now since I discovered turning veggies into noodles with the Troodle Maker. It’s easy to make yummy noodles to go with a sauce or even toss them up as a side salad.

It’s a toss up as to which small appliance is my favorite – either the Vitamix or the Instant Pot; both of these are used daily in G-Series 7500our home. My Vitamix G-Series 7500 gets used for smoothies, chopping, cauliflower rice, soups, friattas, grinding gluten free grains or seeds into flours, nut butters, nut milks and blending some desserts. We actually have three containers – 64 ounce wide bottom suited for the next generation models (came with my machine), 32 ounce wet with a narrow bottom which is perfect blending smaller quantities and the the 32 ounce dry container for grinding seeds and grains into flours.

instant potBut hands down the Instant Pot is inching it’s way to becoming the front runner. It’s a real time and energy saver.  Farm fresh hard boiled eggs peel like a dream. Bone broth in less than 3 hours rather than 24 in the crock pot.  Pressure cooked fork tender meats in a fraction of the time that traditional slow cooking achieves.  Locks in the fresh flavor of steamed veggies with quick steaming. Oh and don’t forget the cheesecake! The instant pot allows you to create the creamiest cheesecakes ever! And yes, cheesecake is on the Trim Healthy Mama plan! I know, I know – it’s all about how it’s prepared and incorporated it in your daily menu.

I hope that you will join me on this journey – one stepping stone at a time – and make those simple changes to your life and eating habits that will gain you more then just a slimmer waist line. You’ll find more energy and build confidence in your daily life. We like to call it – Don’t Diet – Live it with Food Freedom!

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