November 2016

THM Gift Giving Made Easy

christmas gift giving

Gift Giving Made Easy for your Trim and Healthy Mama

There are so many items that can be purchased as a gift for your loved ones who are on this journey. They range from small appliances to cookbooks to kitchen gadgets to pantry items.  These are some of my very favorites appliances and accessories which help me prepare and cook meals for our family.

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Fresh Cauliflower Soup THM FP

cauliflower soup
Cauliflower Soup

Fresh Cauliflower Soup Made in the Instant Pot

A creamy soup made with a large head of fresh cauliflower. So what’s the secret to the best-tasting and creamiest cauliflower soup you’ve ever eaten? Under-cook some of the cauliflower—and overcook the rest.  And it’s so easy to make and do in the Instant Pot!

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Instant Pot Turkey Breast THM E

turkey breast with sliced apples
Turkey Breast with Sliced Apples

Turkey Breast in the Instant Pot

I love making a turkey breast in the Instant Pot. It’s quick and comes out moist and juicy every time! We love turkey breast for sandwiches, either sliced or as a turkey salad. It’s much healthier than buying deli meats and it’s a blessing to help us with those E meals.  Will often have sliced turkey breast with apple slices and a side salad of greens and chopped cucumbers.

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Pumpkin Pie Pudding Cups – THM S

Pumpkin Pie Pudding
Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Pumpkin Pie Pudding Cups

When I was a child my mother used to make us special pumpkin pie pudding cups. This is a tradition that I carried on with my family. She would do these while making the Thanksgiving pies.  For my brothers and I this was a big deal when we were growing up on the farm. I honestly think it was Mom’s way of making us something special that was healthier than cake or cookies.

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New Accessories for Your Instant Pot

The Exciting New Accessories for Your Instant Pot!

If you have been following me along this journey you know that I have two kitchen appliances that are used on a daily basis in my healthy cooking. They save me time and help me create some pretty tasty and exiting meals for my family.  These are a Vitamix and the Instant Pot DUO60.

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Cranberry Orange Relish THM E


cranberry orange relish
Cranberry Orange Relish



Fresh, Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you are anything like me you try to make a few things ahead and slide them into the freezer. This is such a simple recipe to make. No cooking required! It’s quick and so fresh tasting even after it’s frozen.  My sister in law Jeannette gave me this recipe years ago during a telephone conversation.

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