Turkey Tomato Florentine Soup THM E

turkey tomato florentine soup

Instant Pot Turkey Tomato Florentine Soup – THM E

Instant Pot Turkey Tomato Florentine Soup was created because Tomato Florentine soups is one of my favorites, but many recipes have a  thickener added which adds unhealthy starches. Turkey Tomato Florentine Soup is a quick, easy and filling soup version in less than 30 minutes and cooking it in the Instant Pot gives it a full bodied tomato flavor. It’s also very budget friendly!

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Heirloom Cherry Tomato Corn Salad

heairloom cheery tomato corn salad

Heirloom Cherry Tomato Corn Salad – THM E

Fresh finds at the farmer’s market always include beautiful heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh sweet corn. Heirloom tomatoes are Non-GMO and are usually organically grown. They are very flavorful and the colors are so much fun! We love this salad with grilled turkey sausage burgers or grilled salmon and a small serving of herb flavored brown rice or quinoa.

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Instant Pot Sweet Corn

sweet corn on the cob

Sweet Corn in the Instant Pot – THM E

Corn on the cob is one of the best flavors of summer. I love cooking sweet corn on the cob in my Instant Pot. It’s so quick and easy.  It takes longer to husk, wash and clean the corn than it does to cook it! We enjoy an ear of corn with grilled chicken breasts and a nice side salad of leafy greens, cucumbers, radishes, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes.

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Rice and Pork Casserole – Instant Pot

rice and pork casserole

Quick and Easy Brown Rice and Pork Tenderloin Casserole in the Instant Pot – THM E

This has been a favorite at our house for many years as an oven casserole. Even today my daughter makes this for her family which always makes a Mama feel good when her recipes are used and well loved!

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Calico Bean Salad

calico bean salad

Cheap, Colorful and Cheerful Calico Bean Salad – THM E

This is a great salad. It’s cheap, colorful, cheerful and very versatile. It makes a great side for grilled chicken or fish. Calico Bean Salad also makes a great dish to take to a picnic or family gathering.

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Red Pear and Mixed Greens Salad-THM E

mixed greens with pear salad
Pear and Mixed Greens Salad

Mixed Greens with Red Pear Salad

Locally grown greens are the best. I love farm to table shopping at the farmers market.  Spring mix is usually a combination of smaller baby greens and lettuces.  These mix greens may contain: green leaf, green romaine, tango, green oak, green chard, baby spinach, arugula, red chard, red leaf, lolla rosa, red romaine, red mustard, radicchio, red oak, and beet tops.

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Barley, Beans and Greens-THM E

Barley, Beans and Greens

Barley, Beans and Greens

First, the inspiration for this post came from the latest episode of the Trim Healthy Mama Podcasts. The authors of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison, have dubbed these podcasts “The Poddys”. They are are broadcasted every Wednesday at 6 am and are easily accessible through a smart phone or a computer. And,  you don’t have to listen at 6 am; you can listen any time of the day! The latest poddy was entitled “Our Top 10 least expensive foods that will make you trim and healthy!”

I do have a love affair with barley. It’s so gentle on my blood sugar, absorbs surrounding flavors and it is inexpensive to use. It’s so easy to cook in your Instant Pot. I prefer either hulled barley or hull-less barley but they can be difficult to find and are often a bit more pricey. Pearl barley does lack some of the nutrition but it’s still healthy and it can be purchased in bulk food stores for roughly $1.15 -1.25 per pound which makes it truly budget friendly.

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Asparagus Barley Bean Salad

Asparagus Barley Bean Salad

Asparagus Barley Bean Salad

This is a lovely salad for late spring or early summer when the asparagus is in season. It pairs beautifully with boneless, skinless grilled chicken breast as your protein. Hulled barley is one of my favorite grains because it’s so gentle on my blood sugar. It’s versatile and can be used in soups, sides or salads.  You can read more about this amazing ancient grain in my Tomato Barley Turkey Soup recipe.

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